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You Should Always Ask Before Taking

Theft takes many forms.

If you have spent any time surfing the web today (if this is your first stop I am truly flattered), you have seen the outpouring of opposition to SOPA on various websites.  I support this movement and encourage you to visit Google or Wikipedia if you would like to find out more.  I do not believe that it is necessary to restrict first ammendment rights in order to protect intellectual property.  I do believe that intellectual property does need to be protected though.  Even if it is just a humble restaurant blog.

Yesterday, the great folks at Prima Restaurant Equipment shared a post from a blogger who found her work on sale in ebook form.  This annoyed me because I have found my posts on various sites around the web.  I have writen guest posts for many blogs and hope to continue to do so.  What I do not approve of is a blogger copying my content and adding it to their site without my permission.  This is particuarly true for business websites that use my writing to boost their credibility with the people they are trying to sell a product or service to.

I know the ramblings of a blogger might not measure up with a movie or album, but they are the intellectual property of the author.  They are protected and the author’s rights should be respected.  This is not a matter of free speech, but accepting that companies should not be allowed to profit from the works that others give away freely.  I wrote about this yesterday on my FohBoh blog in a post entitled Posting Content From Bloggers.

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