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Why I Hate Yelp And The Other Review Sites (Part One)

This response is actually more mature than some internet reviews

In response to yesterday’s post, I received a comment asking why I had so much hostility towards online review sites like Yelp.  This is a perfectly fair and reasonable question.  It also came as I was reviewing lists of topics deciding what to write about today.  I try to keep this blog very comment driven.  In keeping with this goal, I decided to respond to his question this week.

My issues with these site are primarily that they lower the level of discourse at restaurants.  I remember a day when people actually complained when they had a complaint.  This allowed restaurant owners to attempt to make them happy.  There were of course those people who saved their complaints until after the meal so they could share them with everyone they knew.  Fortunately, most of the people they knew recognized the habit and took it with a grain of salt.  Today, many people choose to take vengeance on the restaurant by blasting complaints on review sites while refusing to voice them when they can be addressed.  Other times, they times the complaint is never voiced because they never stepped foot in the restaurant.  These are just a few of the reasons I include in Why I Hate Yelp And Other Review Sites.

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