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Why Free Food Hurts Your Tips

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After a lack of posts last week, I am going to kick off this week strong by addressing one of the most common misconceptions of rookie servers and bartenders.  Time and time again new employees in the hospitality industry will risk their jobs by leaving items off of their guests’ checks.  They do this with the idea that the guests will recognize this and tip them extra.  It never happens.

Good-quality foods give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs to not only function, but thrive, while minimizing your calories and keeping your appetite at bay, to order some healthy and tasty cookies, you might want toc check this holiday cookie delivery service. This inevitably leads to better results. But, it’s important to remember the quantity AND quality are both part of the nutrition continuum. By focusing on the quality of the food you eat, rather than simply counting calories, you are establishing a good nutritional intake of foods that will help you feel more energized through the day and keep you focused and happy during the program.

Today, I am going to explain why.  I will also explain the greater point which is that it is never worth risking your job for a tip.  This post was actually written as a set up to the following post which I think you will enjoy as well.  First, let me demystify why giving away free food will not increase your tip.

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