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Weekly Skills Focus: A User’s Guide

(Note: On Monday, I will introduce a new weekly feature to this blog called “Weekly Skills Focus.” This feature will take one previous post each week and discuss it in greater detail. The Manager’s Office will look at the post from a manager’s perspective with notes on how to teach it during the coming week’s pre-shift meetings. Tips2 will provide greater details on implementing the skills from a server’s perspective. I believe this will be an incredibly helpful series for servers and manager’s looking to improve their restaurants. In order to make the most of this, I am introducing the concept this week to allow managers to prepare for the concept. If you would like a sneak peak of week one’s skill focus for preparation, send me an email at the link below.)

One of the searches that most commonly bring visitors to my site is looking for topics for a pre-shift meeting. Whether you call it lineup, family meal, fresh talk, or jumpstart, the need for interesting topics is sometimes a struggle. I have written in the past about how to hold aneffective pre-shift meeting. One of the keys that I mention in those posts is repetition. Repetition is vital to getting a message across to your staff and helping them build positive habits. Zig Ziglar, possibly the world’s greatest trainer says of repetition, “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which make it the architect of accomplishment”

This is why the skills focus is designed to be a weekly topic. On any given shift, you are going to have only a portion of your staff in the building. By the end of a week though you have seen each staff member several times. Using each pre-shift meeting to reinforce the message will have far more impact than each manager addressing a different topic each shift. There is power in repetition that you can harness to achieve the positive change you want to see. Just like any other change in a restaurant, this will require the entire management staff buying into this concept. Once they do though, the impacts will be immediate.

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