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We Cannot Be Trusted?

There was a revolution going on in Egypt, but thieving servers are much more newsworthy

On Friday, I hopped over to Yahoo To check my email.  I have used Yahoo as my primary search engine and for my personal email account for as long as I can remember.  This time the screen pictured above greeted me.  The picture caught my eye.  It looked like a guest handing a customer a credit card at a restaurant.  The title stated, “”Who not to trust with your credit card.”  Reading down further confirmed my suspicions.  “A waiter is one of eight types of people who could use your credit card in dangerous ways.”  This is where my blood started to boil.

When I clicked on the article, I discovered the actual content was from a website called www.creditcards.com.  The article can be found in its entirety by clicking here.  I didn’t link to its original link because I do not want to encourage Yahoo to post more articles like this due to elevated traffic.  The article warns of numerous scams and how to avoid them.  It also points out that your loved ones, children, and even yourself cannot be trusted with this information.  It is the mischaracterization of servers as potential scammers that had me most concerned.  Knowing that this was going to make it to my blog this week, I fired off this email to the folks at creditcards.com

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