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Volume Purchase Agreement Sample

No party is authorized to assign this Agreement and the rights of this Agreement. The above parties have entered into this sales agreement (the “Agreement”) with the following terms: THE PARTIES MARKED BY [***] HAVE BEEN OMITTED AND SUBMITTED SEPARATELY TO THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION PURSUANT TO A REQUEST FOR CONFIDENTIALITY. . 4.1 The risk of loss of the goods, regardless of the cause, affects the BUYER OR THE SELLER until the delivery of the goods to the buyer. 3.2 The goods must be properly packed and delivered to the buyer with complete peace of mind. The buyer must be able to easily identify all goods. This Amendment No. 2 to the Volume Sales Agreement (this “Amendment”) is postponed to 29 The Malaysian Unlimited Liability Company (“Komag”), Komag, Incorporated, Delaware Corporation (Komag Inc.) and Western Digital Technologies, Inc., a delaware Corporation (“Komag Inc.) and Western Digital Technologies, Inc., a delaware Corporation (WDC), was made by and between Komag USA (Malaysia) Sdn., Malaysian company with unlimited liability (“Komag”). 4.2 Delivery is considered to be . B on board the corresponding transport. . 8.1 This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the country.

All disputes under this agreement will be adjudicated by the court of Land, City. 1.1 The seller delivers the following goods to the buyer: 3.1 The delivery of the goods to the buyer by the seller is made on or before the date. This Volume Sales Agreement (this “Agreement”) is entered into and effective effective as of February 28, 2011 by and between Atheros Technology Ltd., a Bermuda company (“Atheros”) and Aruba Networks, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Buyer”). For businesses looking for consistent and reliable pricing, the Veritas Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA) provides predictability when purchasing on pre-agreed discounts for a fixed period of time. A customer`s initial investment sets the discount that the customer continues to receive over a period of 2 or 3 years.

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