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Unops Agreement

Se anima a que los países donantes se pongan en contacto con JPO@unops.org si desean recibir más información. The UNOPS accountability framework describes the Organization`s commitment to clear and open communication with partners and stakeholders. This is part of the Organization`s commitment to increase its transparency and accountability, in line with the International Transparency Initiative (IATI). UNOPS joined the initiative in 2011 and was “the first organization to publish fully coded information” in IATI format. [16] UNOPS also publishes project details on its public website and the data.unops.org platform. (29) Expenditure on contracts with consulting companies or entities is set out in contracts concluded between UNOPS and the contractors concerned in accordance with UNOPS guidelines and procedures and covers all costs arising from such contracts. Adjustments to the duration or scope of these contracts shall be made by mutual agreement between UNHCR and UNOPS. 30. Expenditures on scholarships or other training must be in accordance with UNOPS scholarship and training policies and procedures. Adjustments to all training elements are made by mutual agreement between UNHCR and UNOPS.

Vesteda and the EIB have signed a EUR 150 million financing agreement. The loan is for a period of 10 to 15 years. Vesteda plans to use the funds in 2021 and 2022 to improve the sustainability of homes in their existing portfolio and to acquire new homes. Vesteda will also use this funding for homes in the state-regulated rent sector, so that it can also offer affordable housing to middle-income households. “The value of multilateral partnership cannot be underestimated. That is why we are pleased to deepen our cooperation with the United Nations family in our 160 countries of intervention within the European Investment Group. Today`s agreement with UNOPS will mean that by pooling our respective experiences and expertise, we can have a greater impact on crisis response, not only in the context of COVID-19 and Team Europe`s efforts, but also in the face of future natural disasters and conflicts, for which an urgent and coordinated response is essential, To save lives and livelihoods. (4) UNHCR generally pays the UNOPS assistance costs, which amount to 9 (9) per cent of its EOL projects. In cases where UNOPS can demonstrate that the actual cost of providing these services is significantly higher than this level, or where the actual costs are significantly lower or where UNOPS can achieve economies of scale due to the nature or size of the project, higher or lower reimbursement will be obtained prior to signing, on the basis of actual costs, through a specific agreement between UNHCR and UNOPS headquarters. .

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