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The Pre-Shift Meeting (Part One)

This does not set the proper tone for a shift

I have worked for a number of companies over the years that held pre-shift meetings with the servers.  They have been called a variety of things.  Line up, fresh talk, jump start, family meal, and many other names have been used to refer to these meetings.  I have also managed at a handful of restaurants and ran my own pre-shift meetings.  Having been to thousands of these meetings over the years, I have been able to determine a number of factors that contribute to the success or failure of these meetings.

No matter what you call the meeting, the objective should always be to set the proper tone for the shift.  This is your chance to get your staff focused on the shift in front of them.  Many managers enter these meetings casually and without preparation.  Others use it as an opportunity to complain to the staff about their performance.  Some managers will even skip them all together because they feel it is a waste of time.  All of these styles still share one thing in common: they set the tone of the shift.  Your pre-shift meeting will set the tone, positive or negative, for the rest of the evening.

With the potential to make this sort of impact on a shift, I am a firm believer in a well-planned per-shift meeting.  Planning is just one aspect of the overall meeting.  In tomorrow’s post I will follow up with a break down of the ideal structure for a pre-shift meeting.  Today, I wanted to address some key ideas to keep in mind for holding a successful pre-shift meeting.  These are the mistakes many managers make that sabotage a successful meeting.

When holding a pre-shift meeting, here are some ideas to keep in mind:

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