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The Hospitality Formula Network v2.0

The Hospitality Formula V2.0

I have taken the last few weeks off of posting.  The holiday season was pretty crazy for everyone I am sure.  Now that the dust has settled I am ready to continue writing about serving and the restaurant world.  I hope everyone had a happy and lucrative holiday season.  I hope you all saved some of that money for the lean months ahead.  I hope everyone is ready for the return to normal.

Just because I have not been posting, don’t think I haven’t been writing.  I have the next two weeks packed full of posts that I am very proud of.  I think there will be some information in the days to come that will be incredibly helpful to servers and managers.  I have also been working on a few other projects to expand the network.  This should only make this site a better place to come visit.

I hope you all will come back to visit over the next couple weeks.  There will be some interesting new features as well as some great information.  I hope to see you all back for it.  In the meantime, I just posted a fun recap or the holiday cheer/ panic that enveloped my circle of friends and co-workers this Christmas.  Not at the restaurant, but struggling to come up with perfect gifts for each other.  I hope you enjoy.

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