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The Big Announcement (Part One)

In yesterday’s post, I teased a big announcement coming today.  Being a man of my word, I will deliver that announcement today.  Being a savvy blogger, you might have to wait an extra paragraph ot two for it.  I tease these things, it is what I do.

Before the big announcement, I would like to mention that this week Ink Magazine is featuring a great article on holiday tipping.  I was fortunate to be a part of it.  You can find the artice “Tipping tactics: In tough times, don’t forget your servers” by Dugan Arnett on newstands throughout Kansas City, included in your Kansas City Star, or by clicking the link earlier in this sentence.  A nice quote from me is included discussing how the economic downturn has affected servers.  One of the serving horror stories is mine as well.  I’ve never told that story on my blogs, but I have a feeling it will come up next Prom season.

I also wanted to get a quick local plug in for a restaurant company that is doing something great this season.  Spin Neapolitan Style Pizza here in Kansas City is taking a new approach to selling gift cards this season.  In addition to offering a $5 “bounce back” coupon for every $50 worth of gift cards you buy, they are also donating $5 to Harvester’s Food Bank.  This is a great chance to buy a gift that will be enjoyed and help support an organization that feeds those in need.  This is a great example of the Core Value Marketing concept I have written about in the past.  I encourage other local restaurants to do the same.  If you do, you too will get a mention here.

And onto the big announcement.  Another community organization that I have grown quite fond of is The Writers Place.  This group supports local writers and helps them reach their writing goals.  I was approached a while back about hosting a fundraiser for them and today I am very pleased to announce the date and theme.  We are also looking for some service industry professionals to share their work with this audience.  To learn more, or to find out who the featured presenter that regular readers of this blog will recognize, follow the link below.

Read “I’ll be your server tonight” at Restaurant Laughs.

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