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Number 9: All I Need Is One Line(rs)

(A link for those who missed the epic NAS reference in the title) If I am going to be honest, I will admit that I have an awful sense of humor.  I love one liners and bad puns.  One of the easiest ways to know that I was your server is that I will drop […]

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Fun Crab Facts and Jokes

They say you gotta give the people what they want.  In this case it seems to be crabs.  The number of searches I have seen this week that landed on my crab post is overwhelming.  So I decided to revisit my favorite decapods.  The previous post was a bit more scientific and specific.  Today, I […]

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Retiring Jokes

I was 13 years old back in 1988.  I know who Flo Jo and Greg Louganis are.  I will never misspell potato.  I remember President Reagan.  I had a crush on Jessica Rabbit.  I saw Rattle and Hum on my 13th birthday because it was rated PG-13.  My girlfriend taught me to dirty dance, but […]

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