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Number 10: Sauce and Server Blogging

I am starting off this countdown with a topic near and dear to my heart.  There are a great number of cautionary tales out there about servers starting a blog.  This is why most blogging servers choose to remain anonymous.  “Sauce” was a little different.  She was very open and positive about her restaurant.  This […]

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Weird Restaurant Stories 11/20

It seems this column always ends up with a focus on crime.  I can only expect that to become more common as the holidays approach and crime rates rise.  This week’s stories are not only about crime, but the general stupidity of those who commit it.  These people pictured themselves as modern day D.B. Coopers […]

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Recommended Reading 11/1

In my continuing attempt to find a good Monday feature, I have decided to share some of the more fun or interesting things I have read over the last week.  I’m not really putting a minimum number of in because I don’t want to ever post filler.  These are just random restaurant related articles that […]

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Weird Restaurant Stories 10/16

The deliberations are done.  From hundreds of qualifiers, forty made the first cut.  The second cut took us to eighteen.  After a couple of hours of eliminations, I have the top twelve stories that happened in restaurants this week.  Here are the winners. Read the full post at Restaurant Laughs

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Supply, Demand, and Chicken Wings

Yesterday’s post on extra charges for the various items a guest requests caused me to ponder on a larger scale.  It is remarkably common to hear guests say, “I could buy that steak/wine/etc at the store for half that much.”  This is the same principle as walking into a car dealership and demanding a price […]

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