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The Year Ahead For The Hospitality Formula Network

The Hospitality Formula Network enters 2011 with a tremendous amount of momentum. The last year resulted tremendous growth in readership. December was the strongest month of the year by far. In fact, more people visited these sites in December of 2011 than all of 2010. With this momentum comes opportunity. That is why I have […]

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The Big Announcement (Part One)

In yesterday’s post, I teased a big announcement coming today.  Being a man of my word, I will deliver that announcement today.  Being a savvy blogger, you might have to wait an extra paragraph ot two for it.  I tease these things, it is what I do. Before the big announcement, I would like to […]

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david Hayden

A Nice Article About Me

Some of you might have caught my post last week about changing jobs.  It is tough as a server to spread the word about such things.  It is questionably ethical to let it be known to your casual regulars.  Job changes generally occur with little fanfare and a maximum of two weeks’ warning.  This inevitably […]

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You Can Get Anything You Want At Alice’s Restaurant (Including Trophies)

Yes, I do have it on vinyl. Hipster Rating +1 Happy Thanksgiving.  Long time readers might recall me mentioning long ago a particular affection for Woody Guthrie.  What you don’t know, unless you have known me for twenty years, is that it began with his son Arlo.  Today, I wanted to tell you the story.  […]

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Thank You!

I wasn’t planning on writing today, but a huge thank you is in order to all of you.  Yesterday my post titled “Ten Reasons Serving Is Not Like Your Job” crushed my previous best day.  Huge props to Tony over at Tony’s Kansas City and Yellowcat at Do You Do That At Home for linking […]

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