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Server Slang From The Side Station

server slang

Today I am giving a peek behind the fourth wall.  Yes, servers do make comments about their guests and co-workers to each other.  This does not merit being paranoid, generally guests are not really interesting enough to have long discussions about.  They also recieve a huge benefit of the doubt from their server.  In most cases they have to work hard to stand out.  An example:

Yesterday a regular guest who always seems to be in a foul mood ordered hot tea.  I offered green or black and she ordered black.  When I returned she said she asked for green.  When I returned with the green she looked at it and asked to have the black back.  Her explanation: “I don’t do organic.”

Wait a second for that one to sink in.  If you can explain it, please leave a comment.

Or another guest who ordered a glass of Zinfandel.  Being the wise and experienced server I am, I asked the question, “Did you want the red or white?”  If she wanted red, I had probably just insulted her.  She asked for the white.  When I returned with the glass she said with an irritated voice, “Excuse me, I ordered the White Zinfandel.”  With that statement, she looked at her three thoroughly embarrassed dining companions to confirm that I was indeed an idiot.  One explained that White Zinfandel was pink.  She looked up at me and said, “Nevermind.”

Yes, we do talk about guests.  If you have found your way onto this blog, you probably have nothing to worry about.  That is why I sharing with the savvy guests who read this blog some of the slang we use to describe tendencies of guests.  Read along and enjoy the laughs.

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