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Seiu Usww Collective Bargaining Agreement

Are you a SEIU member who wants to find the collective agreement for your job? To find contracts, you should contact your local union or visit its website. To find your local union, use the tool below. SEIU United Service Workers West is composed of security guards in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Sacramento and Security Officers at Kaiser Permanente facilities in all major population centers in California and Hawaii. We have organized ourselves to improve our lives and the lives of our families by negotiating with our employers the best possible contract. Collective agreements (13 cases). about 1977-2005 Organization, D.O. agreement, grant, etc. circa 1997. Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Constituent Assembly. 1992 Moret Virus, various (file 2 out of 5). Around 1986-2003 The National African American Caucus is committed to improving educational, tutoring, leadership development and networking opportunities for members and collaborators of African descent.

“We are setting a new scale nationally and earning a minimum wage of $15.65, quality health care and up to four weeks of leave.” Read more Together, we earn higher wages, better benefits, job security and a retirement we can count on. As members of the union, we have a say in important decisions about our jobs and, because we have a voice, we do much better than people who are not part of a union. . Justice for the janitors and the brochures. 1995-1996. Circuit – Milton Wicksman Fall P.E. (file 1 of 2). 1979-1980 . “I think everyone deserves to be treated fairly. Working with other LAX passenger officers was the only way to have a strong voice at work. Century Cleaning Demonstration, downtown LA.

1987. VHS Cassette, Alliance for a Better California, McNally Temple Association. 2005 Intercommunity Convalescent Hospital (Norwalk). 1967-1968 . Rose Hodges, Immigration and Miscellaneous. 1987-88. . Organization, commercial real estate, targeted research. Ca. 1997 VHS Cassette, Janitors Fight for Justice at USC, News.

1996 . Cassette VHS, Janitor protest at USC (VHS 1 on 2). 1996 . . SEIU members and millions of other service and care personnel across the country are at the forefront of this crisis every day and are endangering our health to protect our families and communities in the event of a medical emergency. Many others who work are concerned that emergency closures and reductions will not allow them to pay their bills.

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