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Ridgid Lifetime Agreement

Don`t be confused between Ridgid tools with “Full Lifetime Warranty” and the limited 3-year warranty with LSA (life performance agreement).” These are two different blankets. The first says on the Ridgid website: “This guarantee applies to the lifespan of the RIDGID tool. The warranty ends when the product becomes unusable for reasons other than processing or material defects. I use a lot of ridgid sanders that I like their compatibility with just about any vac pipe. The lifetime service agreement was only one more, but I`ve fixed two little things with it and will say it was worth it. Bought 10″ table saw and 14” ribbon saw a few years ago with lifetime warranty and if I needed parts that were molded due to poor quality the parts were stopped. Then, out of interest, I looked for other parties that were still in order, but who were checked and settled on availability.i searched for any website and even called and spoke to an agent. How can they give a lifetime guarantee if there are no spare parts? I will not buy ridgid again not only for this reason, but also for poor quality. I recently used the lifetime warranty on a 10-year-old kit, had no problem getting spare batteries, I was really surprised at how easy it was. I called the number, provided the requested information and got the replacement within a week. I am more likely than ever to be loyal to the brand after this excellence. Lifelong warranties are correct and could be a determining factor if you try to choose between 2 tools that you thought would be quite a tossup in terms of quality, functionality, price, etc. A lifetime warranty can be a marketing gimmick rather than a real advantage.

I would always try to buy a tool that I thought would offer good performance and lifespan, instead of a so-so-tool that had a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty is not comforting if a tool or battery breaks down in the middle of the job – and you have to go to a store or wait worse for a replacement to get to the post office. For the Ridgid brand, over the years, we have literally purchased tons of its sanitary tools – but very few Ridgid brand cord tools and none of its wireless devices. Their Cordless tools looked good – maybe a little better DIY quality – but for our LiIon platforms, we chose the Offers of Makita (18V) and Milwaukee (M12). Some of our first battery failures probably wouldn`t have been cured by Ridgid`s warranty policy – because we tended to buy batteries in large quantities – to supplement what happened in the kits or not with bare tools.

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