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understaffed restaurant

The Dangers of Being Understaffed

In continuing my series about hiring restaurant servers in a strengthening economy, I wanted to discuss the risks of not hiring the servers you need.  restaurant managers are often faced with complaints from servers about being overstaffed.  These complaints may be about not getting enough hours, shifts, tables, or any number of other issues.  This is […]

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matt cutts

Google, Restaurants, and why I never sleep.

Zucker-who? Meet Matt Cutts, the man who runs the internet. I knew I shouldn’t have put my vacation on my Google calendar.  Last week, Google announced that Google Places was being replaced with Google + Local.  They did this because apparently the 4-6 hours of sleep I get a night was far too much for […]

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How Restaurants Can Benefit From SEO and Social Media

Lately a number of the restaurant blogs that I read are talking about ways to utilize social media.  Some are talking about how Pinterest is the next big thing (it’s not) and others are minimizing the need for social networks.  All of these posts are presenting a very small piece of the internet marketing puzzle.  […]

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opentable at restaurant

Why Am I Waiting For An Open Table?

One of the most common frustrations guests have with restaurants is waiting to be seated when they can see empty tables.  Restaurants have a great deal of incentive to not have tables sit empty.  An empty table does not make any money for a restaurant.  An overloaded staff actually costs the restaurant money.  It is a ballancing act and […]

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hiring servers

Finding Qualified Restaurant Servers

Hiring highly qualified restaurant servers has become more difficult with the economic recovery taking hold.  More restaurants are opening and fewer are closing.  More guests are dining at existing restaurants and more servers are needed to take care of them.  Other segments of the economy are strengthening as well.  This means that servers who were “riding out the recession” […]

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Restaurant Marketing Tools From The Hospitality Formula

The updates have slowed down again after the launch of Restaurant Marketing Plan and the restaurant marketing tools available on this new website.  This does not mean that I am slowing down though.  The response to the new website has been overwhelming.  I am amazed at the number of independent restaurants who have been waiting for this type of information.  I […]

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Google Penguin update

Google Penguin Just Changed The Internet

Last week Google finished their latest algorithm change known as “Google Penguin.”  Google confirmed this as they completed a change that many of the top level search engine optimization gurus have been dreading.  Overnight, the strategies used by many companies to promote websites to the top of Google search pages resulted in those sites facing […]

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restaurant social networks

Introducing Restaurant Marketing Plan

Restaurant Marketing Plan is the newest addition to The Hospitality Formula Network As a result of writing this network of blogs, I have the opportunity to speak to a number of restaurant owners.  During these conversations, I often ask them about their restaurant marketing efforts and what is working for them.  This is often accompanied […]

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Restaurant Marketing on Facebook

A Better Use Of Facebook For Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant marketing on Facebook has been a hot topic on this blog lately.  Since the release of my Facebook Restaurant Marketing package. I have been building towards the release of a new blog on The Hospitality Formula Network.  You have seen the ads on each of the sites, but those are only the beginning.  Today, I am wrapping up preview week […]

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Test Your Foodie Knowledge With Foodie Trivia

How about a quick game of Foodie Trivia?  One of the things I have been working on over the last month is a way to create more interaction on this site.  I personally love trivia games and thought that some of you might as well.  So I combed the posts on Foodie Knowledge to come up […]

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Server Training For Intelligent Servers

I am continuing preview week with a peek at the upcoming focus on server training and more specifically server training manuals.  I recently created, narrated, and released a video discussing my beliefs here.  They can be summarized fairly simply: most restaurant server training manuals are written with the assumption that both the server and guest are […]

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