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Property Finder Agreement

The client undertakes to inform his lawyer, the identity of Baker – Woods Property Finders and the client`s consent for the payment of commissions on the basis of Baker -Woods Property Finders on the purchase of the property This agreement is subject to the laws of England and Wales and to the parties who agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. All purchasers must make themselves available to the accuracy and accuracy of the information we provide and we assume no responsibility for the opinions or contents of a third-party property report. 4. The non-refundable search fee of 3% – VAT must be paid to Empire in the event of a property reservation. The minimum fee for the Finder is USD 3000 – VAT, unless otherwise stated. The search fee can be paid for the cost of searching for another property, which is charged with the payment of an administration fee of USD 1,000 PLUS VAT. Search costs can only be transferred once. You recognize and accept that the research fee is the commission you must pay to Empire for the purchase of the property. We are committed to cooperating with you after accepting your instructions in order to find an appropriate property that you can acquire in accordance with your detailed order. If Baker and Woods Property Finders finds a suitable property, you agree to pay 1.5% of the purchase price or an agreed price at the time of contract exchange. Any transfer is accepted on the basis that the final choice of ownership rests with the client`s entire responsibility. While we are only concerned with introducing responsible and competent professional services, we cannot be held responsible for losses or claims arising from the work of another party, including a party we have introduced, for customers. Specific exclusion: we are not responsible for claims arising from the adequacy, value or structure of a property we have introduced.

Of course, all care is limited to ensuring that all advice regarding a property is correct, but such consultation can only be made by an opinion for which we cannot assume any legal responsibility. Any claim resulting from consequential damage resulting from a non-committed act or an offence is expressly excluded. Unlike the common law of most U.S. states (where brokers work for the interests of the seller and not the buyer and represent them – unless they enter into an agency agreement on this – and their function is to obtain the highest price for the seller on the best terms), a real estate agent works and represents the buyer, thus creating a balance between the skills and know-how available to both parties in a transaction. Most people looking for real estate charge a fee for commitment/conservation before they start looking for real estate. Users of full-service real estate agents in the UNITED Kingdom can expect to pay a flat fee, whereas, in general in the United States, a percentage of the purchase price of real estate can be obtained by the seller`s broker through an offer of compensation to brokers who have cooperated or directly paid by the buyer. Although the framework of activity under this agreement is firm and explicit, it allows the parties to cooperate “how and when” it suits the discoverer or importer.

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