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The last few weeks have not seen a great number of posts on The Hospitality Formula Network. This by no means is an indicator that I haven’t been working on providing you with content to help you succeed in the restaurant industry. Instead, most of these efforts have been aimed at major projects. This week I am wrapping up some loose ends on these projects and preparing for an introduction that will change the face of the network. While I am working on that, I decided to post a few previews of coming attractions.
For those that have been keeping track, I did release a series of reports a couple of weeks back to prepare restaurants for the upcoming transition to the Facebook timeline conversion. If you go to many of your favorite fan pages, you will notice that they have changed appearance. This is because Facebook implemented a mandatory conversion to the Timeline format for fan pages. While this caught many restaurant owners off guard, I spent the first half of March preparing my clients and readers for this changeover. As part of one of the major announcements to come, I am extending the discount on my Facebook package a little longer. This would be a great time to check out my Facebook Restaurant Marketing Plan.
 Of course, if you are already a fan on Facebook you know that I always post major announcements there first as a way of thanking my fans. This would also be a great time to check out that page for a preview of coming attractions and some very interesting changes I will be focusing on in the coming days and weeks. Become a fan of The Hospitality Formula Network, to find more clues now.

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