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Number 4: My Best Idea

This post began a decade ago on the other side of the continent.  At my first management gig I approached my regional manager with a concept I called “core values marketing.”  He loved the idea and decided to think about it for a bit.  Nothing ever came of it.  When I moved home from California, I gave it to my best friend to pitch to his restaurant’s owner.  He loved the idea and decided to think about it for a bit.  Nothing ever came of it.  It took so long to post on this blog because I was busy pitching it to every restaurant owner I knew.  I thought if someone tried it, then I could write a post with some results.  They all loved the idea wanted to think about it for a bit and nothing came of it.  That was what lead me to want to share it with the world.

This is the most reprinted post I’ve written.  You can find it on a number of different sites.  That is fine with me though because one day someone will try it and it will work for them.  Then the competition will try to copy it.  When they do, I won’t take any credit for it.  I just want someone to implement a solid Core Values Marketing plan and make their community a better place.

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