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Mutual Logistics Support Agreement Us

The ASA would require both countries to provide their bases, fuel and other types of logistical support to each other`s combat and naval warfare warships. Logistical support for weapons facilities would include non-offensive military equipment. This support will cover scriptural transactions on a reciprocal basis. The LSA would be particularly advantageous at the time of disaster relief operations, such as the one carried out by India following the Asian tsunami in 2004. The creation of the LSA is contained in the strategic partnership document that the two countries signed in March 2006, during US President George W. Bush`s visit to New Delhi. The document states that the United States and India will soon sign an agreement to facilitate mutual logistical assistance through combined training, exercises and disaster relief. The proposed agreement would be part of broader security cooperation, including psychological combat, counter-terrorism, defence trade and efforts to quickly conclude the Fissile Materials Delimitation Treaty. Subsequently, as other areas of bilateral security cooperation developed, discussions on the LSA continued at a snail`s pace, with India insisting on changing the reputation of the agreement on the basis of domestic policy constraints. Currently, the ASA has been awaiting approval for more than six months before the Ministerial Security Committee.

In South Asia, Washington reached a similar agreement with Sri Lanka. It was not until March last year that the two countries signed CASA (valid for 10 years) to transfer and exchange logistical supplies, assistance and resupply services for peacekeeping missions, humanitarian operations and joint exercises. It is also a logical culmination of the growing familiarization between the two military personnel that were part of the largest military exercises last year with Japan, Australia and Singapore. The important aspect is “interoperability,” which means that the Indian and U.S. armed forces can cooperate in emergency situations without wasting time getting acquainted with each other`s armed forces. India and the United States are no strangers to the agreement described under the LSA. During the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the Indian government stocked up on U.S. warplanes at Sahar International Airport in Mumbai. However, this measure had been criticized by opposition parties and the government had to withdraw its installation thereafter. For the network: the importance and impact of the agreement. That is why MLSA is of considerable importance.

This was agreed at the first-ever virtual bilateral summit between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison.

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