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It Is Time To Act

Yesterday, I took a moment to give thanks to a number of people in the Kansas City restaurant community I am incredibly grateful for. Today, I feel there is an issue in this community that I can no longer ignore. Last week we suffered a tremendous loss as a community when one of our brightest Chef/Owners took his own life. I never had the chance to meet this Chef, but we had a great deal in common. We were the same age and worked just blocks apart. We ran in the same circles and my social networks were immediately filled by friends expressing their grief and disbelief. I have spent a great deal of time over the last week thinking about what happened. I have deliberated at length whether or not I have any right to write about this topic. I keep coming to the same conclusion. Until as an industry we can be honest about this issue, we will keep losing some of our best and brightest unnecessarily.

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