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It’s Groupon Week

This week, The Hospitality Formula Network will focus on Groupon and other such discounting sites.  They are becoming a driving force in the restaurant industry and one that I can no longer neglect to discuss.  I have been reading about them for the last couple of years, but only recently dealt with them as a server.  My new restaurant is on their second round of promotions with groupons.  I was curious to see firsthand how they affect restaurants when I began working there.  It was slightly different than I anticipated.

I have had a number of discussions lately about Groupon with managers and owners of restaurants who have offered them.  Their opinions were mixed, but each had some very interesting insights on the execution of a successful Groupon promotion.  This information should be incredibly helpful to restaurants that have decided to participate in a Groupon promotion.  I had a hard time finding a compilation of Groupon best practices for restaurants, so I decided to post them here.  Tuesday and Wednesday these will be posted on The Manager’s Office.

I personally have never signed up for a Groupon offer as a consumer.  I do see them posted on social network sites frequently.  This is an odd phenomenon in my opinion.  Friends, who previously would post their fancy new purchases as a way to display their success, now brag about the great deals they found online.  On Thursday, Foodie Knowledge will feature some reflections on this and how it is affecting the restaurant industry.

Today, Tips2 leads off with a repost.  I had previously written about some methods I have used in the past for dealing with discounts and coupons.  Rather than readdressing this topic, I have decided to highlight it again today.  Tips2 is by far the largest blog in the network and because of it valuable posts of this nature can often be overlooked.  This post was written for my first blog, www.tipsfortips.wordpress.com, but still stands the test of time.  So take a look at some of the best ways that servers can use to benefit from groupons.

I know groupons are not a favorite topic for people in the restaurant industry.  This does not mean they can be avoided completely.  The key is to understand the best ways to handle them.  By properly executing a Groupon promotion on all levels, restaurants and even servers can benefit.  This week I will focus on showing you how.

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