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Introducing Restaurant Marketing Plan

restaurant marketing plan

Restaurant Marketing Plan is the newest addition to The Hospitality Formula Network

As a result of writing this network of blogs, I have the opportunity to speak to a number of restaurant owners.  During these conversations, I often ask them about their restaurant marketing efforts and what is working for them.  This is often accompanied by a look of frustration.  While their restaurant marketing tactics they use vary, the result is generally disappointment.  Many are paying absurd amounts of money to companies to market their restaurant.  Others are trying to do their restaurant marketing from the manager’s office late at night with limited success.  Some are even signing up with the newest company promising to reach thousands of potential guests for them.  All are disappointed with their results. For more marketing information and guidance visit Victorious.

I decided to build a new site after looking at the restaurant marketing advice that was available online.  Most are simply advertisements for restaurant marketing companies trying to sell their service. Others are pushing one specific service.  Many are built just to display Google ads while providing little or no actual knowledge.  The most informative one requires you to pay a monthly fee just to read their content.  It is no wonder that restaurant owners are confused.

Restaurant Marketing Plan can be best described by the following three principles:

1) Restaurant marketing ideas should be free and accessible.

2) Restaurant marketing strategies should be affordable.

3) Restaurant marketing implementation should be provided at a price that assures a return on investment.

I want to provide restaurant owners with the resources they need to become more profitable.  This site will be continuously updated with more information on how restaurants can reach more potential guests.  I even have some very special offers available on the website for those who are among the first to visit.  I believe this is the restaurant marketing website that restaurant owners have been waiting for.  Find out for yourself by visiting Restaurant Marketing Plan today.

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