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Five Things You Never Want To Hear In A Restaurant- My Response

The alternative to running out of the special

Oh Eatocracy, why do you make me like you only disappoint me so? You publish wonderful content and then you turn around and post the self-important whining of your editors just to make my head explode. You are like the lover who makes me feel so special before calling me by someone else’s name. Just as I start feeling it was an accident, you do it again. Today, I am calling you out on it.

I was sent a link this morning to an article by Sean Elder titled, “Five Things You Never Want To Hear In A Restaurant.” I am sent links like this on occasion by people who know that they will make my head explode. The senders usually know of my sincere disdain for those who do not wait tables explaining how to be a great server. They say they are looking for a comment, but know it will spawn a diatribe. This ploy has worked again and today I am once again sitting down to explain why another list critiquing servers is based on a fundamental lack of understanding of the restaurant industry.

I am going to address each of Mr. Elder’s points, but I highly encourage you to check out the original article before proceeding.

Read the full post at Restaurant Laughs

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