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Farm Credit Canada Collective Agreement

C11.06 Joint Consultation Committees are prohibited from agreeing on matters that would amend any provision of this collective agreement. (iv) aid for the development of a diversified enterprise on agricultural land and buildings and 1.1.32 Severance pay and other benefits resulting from other clauses of collective agreements shall be separated from the provisions of this Annex and shall be in addition to the provisions of this Annex. B12.07 Sick leave credits acquired by an employee during a previous period of employment with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, but not used, are reinstated to an employee whose employment was terminated following a termination of employment and who will be re-reported within one (1) year from the date of dismissal to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency). (iii) in respect of the costs of carrying on an agricultural or agricultural holding, certain professions, such as lorry drivers, oil and gas workers, forestry workers, agricultural workers and taxi drivers, are excluded from certain sections of the Act, the provisions of which have been replaced by sectoral rules. 8 Any reference to Farm Credit Corporation in any document, contract, agreement, instrument or other document executed by Farm Credit Corporation on its own behalf shall be construed as a reference to Farm Credit Canada, unless the context requires otherwise. For the sake of safety, payments under B28.05 to B28.08 or other similar provisions in other collective agreements are considered severance pay for the management of B28.02. This Annex shall be considered as part of the collective agreement between the parties and the workers. (5) Repealed (6) Parts 10, 11 and 13 of this Act do not apply to the application of the following provisions of this Act in respect of a worker covered by a collective agreement: the dates may be extended by mutual agreement between the members of the steering committee. The terms of reference of the Technical Commission may be amended from time to time by mutual agreement between the members of the Steering Committee.

payments made under the overtime, paid leave and availability provisions of this collective agreement and clause B5.01 of this Article are not pyramid amounts; In other words, a worker may not receive more than one remuneration for the same service. . . .

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