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Drps Civilian Collective Agreement

The Durham Regional Police League has also entered into a mutual assistance agreement with the Toronto Police For Lake Ontario as well as side-scan sonar and ROV. and with York Regional Police for Lake Simcoe as well as sonar and diving services. In the case of a large-scale event or call-out that may require a considerable effort of personnel, these police services help each other. TSU is responsible for managing dangerous situations that are not handled by regular uniformed officers. Durham TSU Regional Police has also entered into a mutual aid agreement with the York Regional Police Emergency Response Unit. In the case of a large-scale event or call that could take a considerable amount of time, the two services help each other. Whether your dream is to serve as a police officer or in one of the many civilian roles, I am sure you will find the Durham Regional Police Service as the employer of your choice. Our vision is to be a leader in community safety. To achieve this vision, we must rely on our most precious resource: our human beings.

We strive to create a welcoming and safe environment in which our members can work and grow. As an equal opportunity employer, our police value the cultural diversity and unique skills and experiences that every human being brings to the organization. In addition to exploring our site, I encourage you to speak to one of our members to hear what they have to say about a career with Durham Regional Police. I wish you every success in achieving your professional goals! Please contact our recruitment service at (905) 579-1520 ext. 4341 or email us at recruiting@drps.ca. “Each police association across the province negotiates its collective agreement with its local police board and the 47 OAP member associations are committed to respecting the mutually agreed agreements,” said Bruce Chapman, President of the OAP. “The sworn and civilian police officers of the Ontario Municipal Police expect nothing more or less than what their contracts require.” In 2014, the Durham Regional Police Service had an authorized force of 871 sworn members and 331 civilians. [4] THE DRPS was founded in 1974 by the merger of a number of local police forces in the region, coinciding with the founding of the Durham Regional Municipality. Day-to-day and regional operations are commanded by senior officers: we hire! Durham Regional Police is looking for intelligent and compassionate critical thinkers with different skills and backgrounds who take great care of their community. Enjoy the first two recruitment videos of our five-part series! Bruce Chapman, president of the OAP, says the money should go to “earned health workers directly involved in the fight against this pandemic,” according to the union. Durham Regional Police is part of Durham Region`s emergency services and is working with: “Ontario`s security forces are working to keep our communities safe in all circumstances and in emergencies – 24/7/365,” said Chapman. Durham Regional Police is one of two metropolitan Toronto police forces with air capability at York Regional Police (excluding the Ontario Provincial Police).

Additional SAR assistance by PARA-Marine Search and Rescue, Canadian Coast Guard and Canadian Forces 424 Squadron (CFB Trenton air support). [6] Deputy Chief of Police Todd Rollauer was tendered after Chief of Police Paul Martin was hired as Acting Chief of Police (effective September 12, 2020). The search for a new police chief is underway. The Ontario Police Association (OAP) says its 18,000 municipal police officers do not need temporary pay moguls of $4 an hour.

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