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Does It Really Matter?

You see oysters, I see a panic attack coming on

I have been accused of being a food snob on occasion.  In some areas this is probably accurate.  I won’t eat any garnish that comes from a bar tray.  I won’t eat farm-raised salmon.  I won’t eat anything grown in poop.  I won’t eat gulf oysters.  I would also point out in my defense that I can order by number at nearly any drive thru.

I have stories for avoiding each of these items, but won’t bore you with the details. I have worked in restaurants and studied food for a long time. I have my reasons.  At the same time, I know how to read a menu well enough to recognize these items without asking the server.  Unless I know, I order something else.

I also happen to be the server that is called in when a guest has a tough question.  I enjoy this.  Too often I feel like all the knowledge I have gained is not put to good use.  I like answering questions and having conversations about food.  I enjoy learning about it and sharing that knowledge with others.  I even have a website dedicated to it.

Then there is the other type of questions.  These are the questions that are so random that they cannot possibly be answered.  Even if they could be answered, the answer would not shed any insight on the meal.  I can explain the difference between the reproductive methods of oysters found in the Atlantic and the Pacific.  Does it really matter in how they taste?

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