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Do Not Wait To Hire Restaurant Servers

Finding Restaurant Servers

The world moves pretty fast. You need to hire fast as well.

As I wrap up my series on hiring restaurant servers in an improving economy, I wanted to address the need for speed and decisiveness in the hiring process.  Too many restaurants have become accustomed to the luxury of being able to conduct 2-3 interviews with candidates before making a job offer.  These same restaurants are being met with less success using this model.  The reason is simple.  Restaurants servers are faced with more job options in a strong economy.  A lack of speed and decisiveness on the part of restaurant owners and managers will cause these servers to accept positions elsewhere.

I am not saying that restaurant managers should make careless hiring decisions.  I am also not encouraging anyone to hire the first person that walks through the door.  Instead, I strongly believe that failing to make a hiring decisions will cause the top performing restaurant servers to go elsewhere.  I am encouraging you to streamline the process so that decisions can be made quickly.  Restaurants that make these decisions quickly are in a much better position to land the qualified candidates that apply.

This post addresses some of the common concerns that managers have about making hiring decisions quickly.  I also share a personal story of how my decisions have been made based on the indecisiveness of restaurants.  I intend it to serve as a warning.  Top quality servers will no longer wait weeks to be offered a position.  That is why it is important to embrace The Importance of Speed in Hiring Restaurant Servers

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