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Dear Celebrity Chef, IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU!

I recently went to a restaurant named Mestizo that just opened in a swanky shopping district in Kansas City.  I think my experience could best be summed up by the comment I posted on a story about the restaurant on the local food/restaurant blog.

“I visited Aaron Sanchez presents Aaron Sanchez’s Mestizo by Aaron Sanchez tonight. There was a picture of Aaron Sanchez mentioning all off Aaron Sanchez’s TV show roles out front. Inside there were at least two displays of Aaron Sanchez’s books. Aaron Sanchez’s name was on the menu and even on all of the POS screens. The server (I am not joking) greeted our table by welcoming us and explaining that the concept was designed by Aaron Sanchez and then provided a short bio of Aaron Sanchez’s TV roles. My girlfriend and I were trying not to laugh by this point. We had a table facing the kitchen, but didn’t see Aaron Sanchez. Just some early 20s line cooks cranking out plates. If the number of times you read Aaron Sanchez’s name in this paragraph annoyed you, this might not be the restaurant for you.”

A trend has started to develop as a result of all of the chefs we are turning into TV celebrities.  These chefs are opening restaurants based on their newfound celebrity.  This trend has let the general public in on a secret that many of us in the industry have known for years.  Chefs are often some of the most narcissistic people in the world.  Not all of them are, but if you are a chef who owns a restaurant here is a quick checklist to measure whether or not you might need to tone it down.

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