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Collective Agreement For Senior Salaried Employees In The Ict Sector

The employers` union is Sector Employers Palta service. Senior managers have their own collective agreement. Staff representatives include elected officials of senior managers, delegates and other representatives elected to positions of trust, staff liaison officers and representatives elected under the Employment Contracts Act. Elected representatives of senior managers may be affiliated with any union affiliated to YTN, including YTY, but represent all senior managers who work in the group represented, regardless of union affiliation. A staff liaison officer also serves as a link between YTY and its members and affiliated staff associations in the workplace. The system works as long as the membership rate is high enough. Finnish Energy`s social partners are the Finnish Electricity Workers` Union and the Public and Social Sector Union (JHL), both of which represent workers. The finnish Energy workers` collective agreement is signed with these unions. Our members work in a wide range of sectors, including technology, ICT, finance, real estate, transport and commerce, as well as industry in general.

The collective agreement for executives and executives in the energy sector is signed between Finnish Energy and the Association of Professionals and Executives (YTN). Work on behalf of individual members includes the provision of employment counselling, legal services and various counselling materials. Members can also turn to YTY for advice on wage standards or ask YTY`s legal division for technical assistance on aspects such as employment contracts, secrecy and limitation of trade agreements. This last aspect is probably the main obstacle to implementation at this stage….

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