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Number 3: When Sadness Becomes Action

I’m not sure which stage of grief this post was written in.  It has a bit of bargaining and a bit of anger.  I have noticed that as I get older, situations like this bring up more emotions.  There is an element of repressed grief, but also regret that I didn’t speak out in the past.  […]

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Number 4: My Best Idea

This post began a decade ago on the other side of the continent.  At my first management gig I approached my regional manager with a concept I called “core values marketing.”  He loved the idea and decided to think about it for a bit.  Nothing ever came of it.  When I moved home from California, […]

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Number 5: What Happens When You Write About Hipster Beer

It was intended to be a funny post showing old PBR commercials.  I had no particular opinion about Pabst.  I had given up drinking before it had its resurgence.  Then I started reading about the guerilla marketing effort that brought it back to prominence and the new owners that threatened to ruin it.  This suddenly became a […]

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The First Impression

It was 7: 45 am on April 2nd of 2007 when I arrived for my first day of work at my previous job.  I hadn’t slept much the night before because of nerves.  I had closed my old restaurant the night before and departed that night knowing that I was leaving a great deal of […]

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Welcome KCUR Listeners

For those of you who are visiting after hearing me on Up To Date this morning, welcome.  I know there were lots of calls and questions that didn’t get answered.  I am happy to take a swing at any of them.  You can send an email to david@hospitalityformula.com or send a tweet to @tips4tips.  Take a […]

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