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Why Restaurants Pay More For Food

As part of the “Why is food so expensive in restaurants?” series, I am examining the difference between shopping for a restaurant and your last trip to a grocery store.  Guests will often compare the prices on the menu at a restaurant to the prices they see at the grocery store.  This fails to take […]

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Why I Dislike Yelp (Part Two)

So I toned down the title a bit.  “Hate” is such a strong word.  I love the restaurant business and have strong feelings about those things that harm it.  I truly believe that more harm than good comes from these sites.  Today, I list five reasons that I believe this is the case.  Those in […]

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Dear Independent Restaurant Owner

I prefer to eat at independent restaurants.  It is not that I dislike corporate restaurants, but I prefer to reward the entrepreneurial spirit that leads someone to establish their own restaurant.  It is an incredibly competitive field and I have the utmost respect for people who succeed in it.  The restaurant business is a tough one.  […]

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Number 2: A Few Words Of Advice

This is the oldest post on the countdown.  It has almost been a year since this post came out.  I was just starting to post again after a very difficult holiday season.  It is remarkable to think how much things have changed since then.  Sitting back and writing this post was one of the things […]

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