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proposing at a restaurant

Tips For Proposing At A Restaurant

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, a large number of people are considering proposing at a restaurant.  Congratulations on finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.  Now it is time for a little strategy session to make sure it is successful.  Good thing you have me in your corner.  I […]

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Restaurant Serving Jobs

Top 10 Factors To Consider About A Restaurant Serving Job

If we are going to be honest with ourselves, not ever restaurant server is cut out for every restaurant serving job. There is a dance that has to be done to find the right job for the right person. It is not that the job or the server are bad. They might just not be […]

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opentable at restaurant

Why Am I Waiting For An Open Table?

One of the most common frustrations guests have with restaurants is waiting to be seated when they can see empty tables.  Restaurants have a great deal of incentive to not have tables sit empty.  An empty table does not make any money for a restaurant.  An overloaded staff actually costs the restaurant money.  It is a ballancing act and […]

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hiring servers

Finding Qualified Restaurant Servers

Hiring highly qualified restaurant servers has become more difficult with the economic recovery taking hold.  More restaurants are opening and fewer are closing.  More guests are dining at existing restaurants and more servers are needed to take care of them.  Other segments of the economy are strengthening as well.  This means that servers who were “riding out the recession” […]

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hospitality formula network

Preview Week

  The last few weeks have not seen a great number of posts on The Hospitality Formula Network. This by no means is an indicator that I haven’t been working on providing you with content to help you succeed in the restaurant industry. Instead, most of these efforts have been aimed at major projects. This […]

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