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Skills Focus: Words That Sell

This week I am wrapping up the final installment of a three part series in the skills focus.  It began with the power of offering recommendations to your guests.  Part two dealt with how to describe food when you were recommending.  Todays installment addresses the proper word choices when describing the food to your guests. […]

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Skills Focus: Describing Dishes

Last week the first installment of the Weekly Skills Focus began with a look at offering recommendations to your guests.  This week I am following up on this topic, by discussing how to refine these recommendations.  There are three primary methods that have been demonstrated to be most effective in describing foods.  Each method has […]

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Skills Focus: Making Recommendations

Welcome to the first installment of the weekly skills focus.  Last week, I took a moment to introduce this feature.  Today, I am launching this feature with the post that launched this blog.  The ability to make recommendations to your guests is something that servers have always thought.  Today, I am refocusing on a technique that […]

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