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Skill Focus: Selling As A Server

This week marks the final installment of the eight part skill focus series.  I am wrapping it up with a topic that I am very passionate about.  For far too long corporations have told servers to sell, servers have feared it would hurt their tips, and managers have sought a way to convince their servers […]

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Skill Focus: Don’t Be “The Server”

The skill focus this week is about how servers can improve rapport and increase their tips by being more than just another generic server.  No one wants to have a robotic server who feels that they are working from a script.  It is the antithesis of hospitality and will leave guests unimpressed.  This week I […]

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Skill Focus: Creating Regulars

This week we are building upon the concept we discussed last week.  Last week we talked about building and maintaining rapport with guests.  This week we talk about the next step.  The only thing better than having a highly satisfied guest is having a highly satisfied guest who will return.  That is why this week […]

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Skills Focus: Building And Maintaining Rapport

This week’s skill focus deals with the single most important factor that guests use in determining the tip they leave and whether they will return to a restaurant.  Beyond competent service, the rapport built with a table is the key to creating highly satisfied guests.  This week the focus is on how to build that […]

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Skills Focus: Spotting The Complaint

This week the skills focus is changing directions a bit.  For the last three weeks I focused on making recommendations as a way to sell food to your guests.  I hope that information has proven helpful and convinced your staff that this weekly focus will benefit them.  This week, I want to discuss a less […]

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