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Introducing Waiters Today

I’ve been following Waiters Today for a while.  I thought their approach was very innovative.  They are attempting to build a true social networking site for servers.  This site contains blogs, videos, groups, and everything else you would find on must other social networking sites.  This one is different because it is designed for servers.  It […]

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tips for improving your tips

Why Free Food Hurts Your Tips

After a lack of posts last week, I am going to kick off this week strong by addressing one of the most common misconceptions of rookie servers and bartenders.  Time and time again new employees in the hospitality industry will risk their jobs by leaving items off of their guests’ checks.  They do this with the idea that the guests will […]

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Serving Convention Attendees

On my server blog and in my book, I spend a great deal of time focusing on the special needs of certain groups of guests.  Today I turn that focus to guests that are in town for a convention.  The needs and desires of these guests are actually quite different from most tables you will serve.  This […]

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Number 1: The Year Of Groupon

While 2011 wasn’t always kind to Groupon, there is no question the impact that if has had on the industry.  It has become a polarizing topic in the industry that often leaves restaurant owners at odds with their guests.  Very few restaurant owners avoided at least considering making a deal with the discounting giant.  Many […]

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Number 6: Getting Sentimental About Hospitality

A Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this day.  A happy fifth day of Haunakkah to those in a tribe.  A wonderful Sunday to everyone else.  I can’t think of a better day to talk about hospitality than today.  Well actually I am writing this on Wednesday because I fully intend to be pre-occupied with opening presents […]

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