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Restaurant marketing

The Great Equalizer For Independent Restaurants

My goal and the goal of everything I do with this network of blogs has always been to help provide independent restaurants with the tools they need to compete.  Large restaurant corporations have always had training departments to write training manuals for their servers.  I released Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips to provide a […]

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What Are The Expectations Of Fine Dining Service?

I was watching a restaurant review show recently where they discussed a Kansas City Steakhouse that I have written about a great deal lately.  One of the reviewers said something very interesting.  She stated, “For the prices I was paying I felt like I should have my own server.”  I found this statement very interesting.  […]

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jasper mirabile

Restaurant Lessons From Chef Jasper Mirabile

A couple of weeks ago I took my girlfriend out for a romantic post Valentines day dinner.  One of the risks of going out to dinner with me is that it could quickly turn into a note taking experience.  While I did not pull out a pen and paper, I was busted for taking notes.  […]

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server shift drink

Are Shift Drinks A Good Idea?

I have been told in the past that my opinions are too “pro-server” to be adopted by most restaurant owners.  In general, I don’t see than being “pro-server” is necessarily a bad thing for owners.  I try to take both perspectives into account when forming an opinion.  In fact many of those opinions get me […]

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David Hayden Kansas City

Helping Guests Help Your Restaurant.

In the conclusion of my post regarding how restaurants will often make it difficult for their guests to pay, I discuss the factors that happen during the meal.  For most of the dining experience the role of the guest is simple.  They make requests and the entire staff is prepared to fulfil them.  When the check is presented, the roles […]

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