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Why I Hate Yelp And The Other Review Sites (Part One)

In response to yesterday’s post, I received a comment asking why I had so much hostility towards online review sites like Yelp.  This is a perfectly fair and reasonable question.  It also came as I was reviewing lists of topics deciding what to write about today.  I try to keep this blog very comment driven.  In […]

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Number 1: The Year Of Groupon

While 2011 wasn’t always kind to Groupon, there is no question the impact that if has had on the industry.  It has become a polarizing topic in the industry that often leaves restaurant owners at odds with their guests.  Very few restaurant owners avoided at least considering making a deal with the discounting giant.  Many […]

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Number 8: The Restaurant Tax You Don’t See

Foodie Knowledge is my most curious blog.  It is a blend of information about food, recipes for food, and knowledge that will help you be a more informed consumer.  In short is a place where I post my ramblings about the industry that are not exclusively for people in the industry.  This post explained why […]

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Escargot and A Jardines Follow Up

“Did you hear what happened at Jardines?” Apparently that question has been asked a great deal lately.  Yesterday’s post about what happens when the owner of a local landmark fires her entire staff has smashed all of my records for views of a single post in a day.  This is a story that you should read if […]

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Dear Celebrity Chef, IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU!

I recently went to a restaurant named Mestizo that just opened in a swanky shopping district in Kansas City.  I think my experience could best be summed up by the comment I posted on a story about the restaurant on the local food/restaurant blog. “I visited Aaron Sanchez presents Aaron Sanchez’s Mestizo by Aaron Sanchez […]

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