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I’m Sorry. I’m Still Kinda New To This

There are times in life when no response seems adequate.  When through fate and circumstance you have been placed in a situation so absurd that you have no idea how to respond.  At these moment’s I usually turn to my best friend to make sense of the situation.  In true Deadhead form he usually responds […]

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Money Saving Scams For Restaurant Guests And Owners

Did you know that you can turn your printer in to a money making machine? Simply buy a groupon and print out 100 copies (keep reading until the end of the post to find out the secret to make this work). You can use the groupon you paid for once over and over at the […]

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David Hayden


My girlfriend told me the other day that since I was a published author I should not worry so much about being accessible to my fans.  I told her that since they both had my cell phone number it shouldn’t be an issue.  No worries about be going all JD Salinger on you.  I still […]

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Ten TV Restaurant’s Where I Want To Eat

Some of my favorite restaurants do not even exist.  These are the places that serve as hangouts for television characters I’ve tuned in to watch every week.  They create the atmosphere for some of television’s greatest moments and become a real part of our memories.  Apart from a random trivia question, many of these restaurants […]

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Using Groupons: Do’s and Don’ts

Recently, one of my favorite blogs wrote a story about the Groupon Apocalypse.  This is the week before all of the groupons that have been sold for a restaurant expire.  Suddenly all of the guests who bought these six months prior feel the urgent need to use them immediately.  I have heard plenty of horror […]

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