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Breaching Your Tenancy Agreement

Duncan Lewis is a leading mutual legal assistance law firm that is able to advise social housing tenants and tenants in the private rental sector on a wide range of housing issues, including allegations by a landlord of breach of lease and objection to withdrawal by a landlord. Of all the antisocial behaviors, noise is probably the most problematic, as it irritates neighbors enough that they do something about it. Don`t think that just because you can`t see physical evidence of noise doesn`t mean it can`t be used against you – many councils in big cities have “noise trucks” that can be called to record and prove noisy neighbors. Plus, your neighbors can buy their own decibel meters. There is always a risk if you leave a rental agreement before the expiry date, so it is important that you put all the measures at your disposal to resolve the issue before deciding to leave. If the problem is that the landlord is not making repairs, contact the Council. Keep your communications in writing and record any emails, letters, or text messages you send about this issue. A tenant can violate a rental agreement in different ways. The first and most frequent is non-payment of rent. Almost all leases include a written plan for the payment of rent. The lease determines the amount of rent, when the rent is paid and how it is paid. Non-payment of rent is a violation of principle by the tenant of the rental agreement. Legal advice should be sought by a real estate lawyer when there are extenuating circumstances for which rent has not been paid in accordance with the contract.

Get a copy of your lease and link it. If you can`t agree, you should ask your landlord or agent for a copy. Pull out the clauses that you think your landlord broke and start writing your email/letter. Duncan Lewis also regularly advises landlords on their legal obligations to tenants – and can advise on ownership procedures in the event of a breach of the rental agreement. There`s a much greater chance you`ll be involved in an argument if you get upset. It`s harder to find a solution when things go down in a screaming game. A landlord may terminate the rental agreement if the tenants present a bad cheque or are in arrears in their rent and are unable to settle the payment within an agreed time. It is important to remember that there are procedures to follow. Remember that landlords can`t just evict a tenant or evict them from the tenant, regardless of the circumstances. If you don`t hear from your agent or landlord, write to them again. You need to give your landlord reasonable time to fix the problem….

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