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Aeu Sa Enterprise Agreement

After intense negotiations over the past few weeks, we are very pleased to note that the elected TAFE committee of the AEU last night approved an agreement in principle for TAFE teachers. The new agreement: The salary increases mean that a teacher in the T5 classification will increase his salary from 85,613 $US currently to $105,877 by November 2021 – meaning our teachers will be among the highest paid in the country. By the end of the agreement, teachers with a full AQF6 teaching qualification will also be able to access another additional point with a salary of $109,207. Article 4.13.5 of the Enterprise Agreement reads: … “A fixed-term leave period is granted to an eligible SSO, AEW or ECW, which has been requested or required and is operating during the 10th week of the 4th week. If leave is not available without delay, the officer is paid the regular rate of pay for the work done this week. The AEU TaFE committee also approved a programme of sub-branch assemblies to inform members of the agreement in principle before a workers vote on the new agreement. Teachers who organize evening classes should not have given a course and an evaluation in the morning after an evening class, unless there is an agreement between the teacher… and the Director of Education. “We hope that this election result will allow us to find another step towards resolving our long negotiations on business, benefiting all teachers, principals and facilitators, as well as students. If the labour force is mostly supported, the agreement will be formalized. A copy of the agreement will be made available to members as soon as the final technical development is completed, as well as further advice and information as soon as it has been developed.

The AEU will hold a vote of its members by the end of next week. If the offer is supported, the next step will be to hold a vote on all 28,000 teachers, headteachers and state leaders in the first week of the first half of 2020. If employees vote in favour of the offer, the agreement will be formalized. This agreement applies to all TAFE stand-alone institutions. “We look forward to presenting this offer in the next Parliament for the vote of all state teachers and the prospect of a formal agreement shortly thereafter. We ask them all to support the offer. The support, activism and campaigning of the UAE members were the reason why we reached a very good agreement in principle, respecting the important work that TAFE teachers do every day and providing the recognition they deserve. The agreement also better recognizes the central part of their role, ensuring that students receive adequate support in order to obtain the best possible education and training they can.

“We welcome the fact that the AEU executive voted unanimously in favour of the government`s approval of its members` revised offer to vote,” Lucas said. Ms. Golding stated that although the negotiators had given the government a “word” that there would be no announcements until the revised offer was distributed to AEU SA members, she held media interviews and gave a press conference at the time Mr. Lucas distributed his release. “teaching and evaluation,” providing education and training to students, as well as assessing students` skills and/or skills in one or more ways. There are also a number of other initiatives, including increasing national incentives, reducing personal teaching time for headteachers (and teachers in self-governing primary schools), creating new positions for highly qualified teachers and senior managers. What the branch unanimously approved was a vote by members to review the offer without recommendation, said AEU President Wahl Lara Golding, strongly condemning Treasurer Lucas` “preventive and misleading” statements.

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