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Your Restaurant Facebook Account Could Be Gone Tomorrow

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Restaurant marketing with Facebook is something most every restaurant has tried.  Very soon this could vanish for restaurant owners who are in violation of the Facebook Terms of Service (ToS).  Hundreds or thousands of fans could vanish overnight along with all or the correspondences, pictures, and other content contained on their Facebook pages.  It is very fortunate that Facebook has provided a way that restaurant owners who have been violating the ToS with the opportunity to save these accounts.  If your account is one of the offenders, you must act now to prevent the loss of your account forever.

I am not opposed to a little hyperbole in the opening paragraph to get your attention.  However, in this case I wish it were an exageration.  83 million Facebook accounts will soon be elimintated.  These include duplicate accounts, spam accounts, and misclassified accounts.  A quick glance around Facebook reveals that many of the restaurant I checked have both fan pages (safe) and personal pages (at risk).  These personal pages are often the larger of the two accounts and used by restaurant owners out of familiarity.  When these accounts are eliminated, restaurant owners will want to know why they were not warned.  Consider this your warning.

I have written a post explaining how to tell if your account is at risk as well as providing the resources to show you how to convert to the proper account.  This is also a great opportunity for restaurants who convert to fan pages to be able to reach fans that have not seen their posts in months.  To learn what you can do and about the opportunity it presents, check out this post on restaurant marketing with Facebook.

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