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White Label Service Agreement

The concept of a white label is defined as a concept that encompasses the production of goods or services by one company and the use of those goods and services by another company under its own brand. The white-label strategy is widely used in the manufacture of electronics, food, software, etc. The term “White Label” comes from the fashion industry. Company A takes a garment that Company B has created and uses its own label, so it seems that Company A designed the garments. You will see the same situation when buying for store brand foods. They are the same items as the grocery brand, but they are renamed as a more general offer, so you can save money. The initial duration of the agreement begins from the effective date mentioned above and then continues for a period of twenty-four (24) months (the “initial period”). Subsequently, this contract is automatically renewed for additional periods of twelve (12) months (the “extending period”) unless one party sends the other party a written termination at least forty-five (forty-five) days before the expiry of the original term or the corresponding extension period. In the event that MOBIBLOCKS accepts termination or suspends its operation, the customer has the right to continue to provide video ad support services to its customers via its third-party provider`s content management interface. MOBIBLOCKS reserves the right to amend this Agreement, MOBIBLOCKS Terms of Use, MOBIBLOCKs Privacy Policy or any of its other Policies at any time. A supplier can have an excellent offer, for example.

B a tax service, a logo creator or a game, but it lacks a large clientele. The platform offers to existing companies allows them to benefit from their goods or services, as they are marketed under a trusted brand. The white-label service agreement can be established on the basis of a distribution or agency, depending on the circumstances. As a hiring party, you can negotiate performance-based agreements with the white label provider to increase your margins. However, if the underlying client terminates the project before the end of the project, the agreement should determine whether you receive compensation or a kill fee. A white-label solution agreement defines the conditions under which a saaS (Software as-a-Service) provider and a customer work together to offer a white-label solution. This agreement is the full and exclusive declaration of the agreement reached between the parties regarding the products and services provided under this agreement. This agreement replaces and replaces all previous agreements between the parties or between the client and one of MOBIBLOCKS` interested predecessors, either in writing or orally. The alternative to white labelling is the Agency`s partnership.

In this case, a company mandates an agency to complete the work for the client, and the client pays you through the agency, not directly. e. MOBIBLOCKS is not responsible for emergencies and assumes no responsibility in the event of server failures, server delays, network problems or other problems caused by interruptions or intermittent problems with the underlying hosting provider.

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