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What Restaurants Should Know About Google Plus Local

 Google Plus For Restaurants

Google Plus Local for Restaurants is about to change the local marketing game forever.  It is important to understand that this is not a phase or another hoop that Google is making restaurants jump through.  This is the future of local internet marketing.  If you choose to ignore it, you are doing so at your own peril.  Google is the number one site on the internet because they know how to give their users the information they are looking for in a more efficient and accurate way than any other search engine.  If you feel your restaurant is what Google users are looking for, you need to know how to give Google the information it wants in the format it wants.

The good news is that if you have been picking up on the subtle hints that Google has been giving, you are in a good position for this transition.  These are the same as the not so subtle hints I have been giving.  I have written several times about the need to get your Google Places account in order and the importance of having a Google Plus account for your restaurant.  If you followed that advice, you are already well ahead of the competition.

Those that did not take this advice are still able to catch up.  Creating your Google Plus account is a crucial step to creating a marketing platform that will soon be second only to your website in reaching your guests.  This is the time to acknowledge the importance of citations as a ranking factor and begin building those as well.  Google Plus Local rankings are not random.  There is a method to coming up first in these listings.  Today, I am teaching you how to rank first in Google Plus Local For Restaurants.  Let me make it very clear: if you are in any way benefited by more people coming into your restaurant, you need to read this post and get it into the hands of the people who can make these changes.

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