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What Is Our Collective Agreement

Section 9. Guarantees and compensation during the negotiation period. During the negotiation period, committee participants and experts invited to participate in committee work receive samples of their core activities and receive the applicable average salary for up to three months per year, and their participation in negotiations for the purpose of calculating length of service is taken into account. All expenses resulting from participation in negotiations are compensated according to the procedure of labour law, collective agreements or agreements. Section 26. Responsibility for violations or non-application of a collective agreement or agreement. Persons who represent the employer convicted of violating or failing to enforce a collective agreement or agreement to which they are bound are liable to a fine ten times higher than the minimum wage imposed by the courts. The collective agreement enters into force at the time of its signing by the parties or from the date set out in the agreement and remains in force for the duration of the agreement. The compensation system is an integral part of the collective agreement as it defines minimum wages.

More detailed information about the collective agreement can be obtained from Shop Steward or pro employee council. In the event of a conflict, Pro members can get assistance from the Shop Steward and the Union staff council. The reciprocal obligations of the employer and workers may be included in the collective agreement: Section 13. Content and structure of collective agreements. The content and structure of collective agreements are defined by the parties. Collective agreements differ, but they often contain rules: the United States recognizes collective agreements[9] [10] [11] Section 8. Dispute resolution. To resolve disputes that arise in collective bargaining, the parties use conciliation procedures. In the event of disagreement within the joint representative body, the General Assembly (or conference) of the collective of workers adopts the draft collective agreement it deems appropriate and asks the union or any other representative body empowered by the workers who have drawn up the project to start negotiations on that basis, after approval by the general assembly (or conference). and enter into a collective agreement with the employer on behalf of the collective of workers.

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