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University Service Level Agreements

As a general rule, the division does not charge royalties for technology services common to Creighton departments and employees. However, there may be exceptions under the various service-based agreements for personalized services. For example, an hourly rate for maintenance of non-Xerox printers is NOT calculated. For more information, check out the basic office support agreement. Our goal is to offer quality customer service with 90% good or excellent satisfaction. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) reflect our customer-focused, service-based commitment. We are committed to: contact your Technology Coordinator (TC) for services that are not in the service catalogue. The contact information for each TC is provided by TBD. The organization`s goal at the area level is to aggregate the work so that it can be done by full-time workers, professional institutions, and to dedicate staff to certain areas of the campus to promote partnerships and improve familiarity with institutions. Zone management is an organizational structure of the Cornell facility function based on areas and not on divisions or technical functions. Each area trading team offers a unique responsibility for all businesses that work in the area. If you are not satisfied with the level of service on request, contact your technology coordinator or Service Desk Director at 402-280-1111. You categorize and process your entries as needed and react with the action performed.

Note: The reference to current service providers is only used to inform and may be tendered in accordance with the university`s public procurement rules and may change at regular intervals. The division encourages all service and systems managers to negotiate a maintenance window with their customers through a Service Level Contract (SLA). If a service does not have a negotiated maintenance window (alS or equivalent administration), the following guidelines apply: The following graph is the actual reference used by service experts to correctly classify incidents affecting the service. doit.creighton.edu/services-provided-doit/project-management-off… If Helpdesk needs expertise from other areas of the Estate Office to support the service, it will deliver the application internally. The user receives confirmation of the specified email address when the request has been confirmed and entered and when the work is completed. We work on 5 priority levels: The transport and logistics sector can provide an elevator and more service for all sectors of the university.

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