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Tips For Proposing At A Restaurant

proposing at a restaurant
With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, a large number of people are considering proposing at a restaurant.  Congratulations on finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.  Now it is time for a little strategy session to make sure it is successful.  Good thing you have me in your corner.  I have never been engaged or proposed to anyone, but I have witnessed it happen dozens of times while working in restaurants.  In today’s post, How To Propose At A Restaurant, I share some advice on how to plan and execute a successful proposal based of the good (and not so good) attempts I have watched.

My list does not include many of the TV cliches about proposing.  There is a reason for that.  In real life you will not have a production assistant nearby to get the chocolate cake off the ring you pulled out of her dessert.  You will also not have the magic ability to get the ring out of the very narrow champagne glass.  I know you think you have this under control, but it is important to stop and think your game plan through completely.

Television and movies do not always share the horror stories of the waiter who lost the ring, the guy who got to drunk because he didn’t eat, or the guy who proposed right after ordering and was rejected.  I have seen all of these.  The last example lead to four courses of awkwardness shared between the three of us.  I want you to succeed.  We are on the same team here and that is why I ask you to consider my tips on How To Propose At A Restaurant.

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