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The Server’s Court

This is a place for justice to be dispensed

It was a most magnificent dream.  Perhaps the most magnificent dream not featuring Alyssa Milano that I have ever had.  I snuck back to the private dining room between shifts for a little piece and quiet.  I must have dozed off for a second because I found myself in a judge’s robe behind the bench.  As the defendant approached a catchy little theme song played.  Then a voice came from the sky and I realized what was going on.

“In restaurants around the country rude and obnoxious guests grate on the nerves of servers.  The worst offenders are sent here for justice.  The defendants have all plead guilty and are appearing here for sentencing.  Judge Dave delivers his own brand of justice here on The Server’s Court”

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2 Responses to The Server’s Court

  1. Becky December 2, 2010 at 11:54 am #

    Don’t even get me started.

    “So if you’re not sure of the price, I get it free?”
    “I’ll have the ‘Bodacious Breast’ – is that really only chicken?”
    “There’s a hole in the bottom of THIS glass.”
    “No, I’m NOT 21, I’m 22.”

    Ha. Ha. Ha.

  2. yellowcat December 4, 2010 at 1:16 am #

    “I got three line cooks in back with prison tattoos that would make Chef Ramsey look like little miss sunshine.”

    HAHAHAHAHA! Not only do my cooks have prison tattoos, some of them are hopped up on illegal substances and are carrying sharp knives. Go ahead. Tell them.

    Love this! You should do humour more often.