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The Return of Weird Restaurant Stories

restaurant stories

Those of you who have been fans of this network of blogs since the beginning (and a sincere thank you to both of you) might remember a blog I own called Restaurant Laughs.  Even though I try to keep the other blogs serious and informative, I do enjoy cracking jokes.  These jokes landed on Restaurant Laughs.  With the limited time I have had for updating any of my blogs, Restaurant Laughs really fell to the back burner.  I have had numerous ideas on how to revive it, but I am more focused on providing actionable information than cracking bad jokes.

One of the most popular features on Restaurant Laughs was a series called “Weird Restaurant Stories” where I would painstakingly compile all of the odd restaurant related stories of the week into one post.  This was no simple task, but in the days when blogging and serving were all I did, it was a nice break from writing serious posts.  Recently I decided to revive this series in a slightly different way.  Rather than a weekly series, it is now a daily post.  I started it back up this weekend and the reviews (traffic) have been mixed.  So today I am asking all of you for your feedback.

Check out the new updates on Restaurant Laughs and let me know what you think.  Is the series a keeper or is it time to retire it once and for all.  The power is in your hands.  Plus there were some bizarre stories this week that might be worth reading.  So go visit and let me know what you think.

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